the process of remembering: a photoblog by andrew huth

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About This Blog:

The Process of Remembering: a photoblog by andrew huth

Life feels both transient and permanent.  It feels both fragile and resilient.  Sometimes I don’t know what to make of it all.  The process of remembering a life being lived is a way for me to experience it with more meaning and intention.  Thank you for taking the time to visit here and sharing a slice of my life.  You can also check out my professional photography website at

About Me:

I’m an editorial / documentary photographer.  I’m passionate about the process of putting a camera up to my eyes and making pictures, but more than that I’m passionate about telling stories and about the people living those stories.  Stories are revealed in both likely and less likely ways so as a documentary photographer I must be careful to actively listen as well as to see with both camera and with the heart.

Sometimes stories are unearthed behind our intense and quiet kind of gaze or written on our weathered and long journeyed hands.  I’m sensitive to these kinds of subtleties and nuances and patient enough to allow these stories to fully breath from those who own and live them.  I count it a privileged to be given the gift of intimate access into the lives of many people.  I’m grateful for this and feel a deep sense of responsibility to the preservation of their humanity and honesty in the telling of their stories.

On a more practical level, I have extensive international and domestic experience and excel working autonomously in the field as well as collaboratively with others to tell the best stories we can together.  I’m slow to talk, eager to listen (and not merely hear), introspective and intentional in my thinking, decisions, and movements.  I would love to listen to you tell me about the stories you need telling.  I’m available for assignments anywhere in the world.

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My lovely wife and me.

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